Our Story

"It started with a passion for vintage advertising signs."

When our founder Nick Brandt opened a small storefront in Copenhagen in 1991 to showcase and sell hand-stenciled enamel signs, he discovered the display pieces evoked a surprising response from his visitors.

“People felt an emotional connection to the signs,” he recounts. “And they were delighted because they didn’t realize they could still be produced.”

Indeed, porcelain enamel sign fabrication was a dying craft—and it was this fact that prompted Nick to learn about the process and eventually start a niche sign company. An avid collector of vintage advertising signs, Nick was fascinated that, unlike all other signs, the quality of the enameled signs was not reduced by the aging process.

“Today, the colors of these vintage signs are still vibrant and bright, even though they were produced over 100 years ago,” he notes.

Reintroducing the signs required precision groundwork before the dream could be realized: standard dimensions had to be determined and typefaces recreated based on signs that were still in existence on buildings. Over the years, our company has developed a classic catalog based on exacting standards.

Today, the original storefront has closed, but we continue to grow and and launch new products. The enormous interest and support we have enjoyed from all parts of the world for more than 25 years means so much to us. We see this as a testimony to the fact that porcelain enameled signs serve a purpose that no other signs can replace. In short, enameled signs are here to stay. Fueled by this appreciation, we proudly continue the time-honored tradition of enamel sign stenciling.